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Markelytics is proud to announce its association with Cross Marketing Inc.Read More..



Your Global Research Partner

Markelytics Solutions supports market research companies in their operational needs:  global project management, data collection, survey programming, data processing and reporting.

We are an India-based company with worldwide presence, whose purpose is to partner with market research companies to facilitate their work, using the latest methods/technology, as cost-effectively as possible.

We offer:

-          Project management of Global work

-          Data collection/Fieldwork in Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia

-          Survey Programming utilizing the most technologically advanced tools

-          Data Processing utilizing a broad range of sophisticated software customized to our clients’ needs

-          Reporting/Dashboards with the most current methods/techniques

In India, Markelytics also offers full-service research capability, catering to end clients with customer insights and market intelligence in the industry segments of E-commerce, Lifestyle, Automotive, Healthcare etc among others.

Markelytics is headquartered in Bangalore, India, and has a team of 180 employees and a US presence in the Northeast and on the West Coast.