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A DIY product to create surveys with more than 12 question types, including image & video-based questions & 8 survey logic. It promises to offer the best proposition to its users from real-time insights,hassle-free steps, create surveys and check progress, view statistics in charts and frequencies. Export data at any point in time and gain valuable insights from consumers.

Use this Product for:

  • Online Survey Creation
  • Feedback System Management
  • Data Collection & Real-time Results

How it Works




  • Integrated Consumer Panel: Use the integrated proprietary consumer panel.
  • SEC Based Questions: Unique offering that allows questions on Socio-Economic Classification of Consumers.
  • Connect with consumers through our easy to integrate SDK/API
  • Schedule Survey Launch: Schedule the survey launch when you think of getting more responses.
  • 12 essential question types available
  • 8 advanced survey logic
  • Image and video based questions
  • Quota Management: Narrow the funnel of your target audience by selecting geography, gender, age, etc.

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